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Republicans and the poor

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David Frum comments on a new CBS/NYT poll in which “69 percent said Republicans in Congress favor the rich, while just 9 percent said the middle class and 2 percent said the poor”:

The identification of the GOP as mouthpiece for the selfish interests of the wealthy is a stubborn image, difficult to overcome at the best of times. For three years, however, Republican leaders have been doing their utmost to confirm the stereotype – and to quash and quell any attempt to counter that stereotype. Did we really spend months and months arguing that one of the things most wrong with the US tax code is that the poor and unemployed pay too little tax? Yes we did. Head shake. Face slap.

Two things:

1) Republicans have been trying their hardest to confirm the stereotype for a lot longer than three years. I have no idea why Frum points to three years ago as some sort of turning point in Republican policies with regards to the interests of the wealthy. I suppose three years ago might have been the point where mainstream Republicans stopped pretending to pay lip service to the ideas that their policies might be designed with helping the poor in mind.

2) Who are the 2% of respondents who believe that Republicans in Congress favor the poor?


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October 27, 2011 at 8:16 pm

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